Course curriculum

  • 01

    Recording & Structuring Flipped (Pre-Recorded) Lessons

    • Why Create Pre-Recorded/Flipped Lessons?

    • Architecture of a Flipped Mini-Lesson

    • Planning and Recording Flipped Mini-Lessons

  • 02

    Examples of Pre-Recorded/Flipped Lessons

    • Example: Reading Life Mini-Lesson

    • Example: Main Idea Mini-Lesson

    • Example: Fictional Narrative Mini-Lesson


Instructor Bio:

Christy has been a literacy coach for the past 11 years for a school district in Northeast Ohio and has worked as a Units of Study Team Staff Developer for Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. On any given day, you can find her teaching alongside teachers in the classroom, facilitating professional development during grade level meetings, collaborating on the planning of differentiated reading and writing instruction, working with teachers and administrators to design and review new curriculum materials, etc… and due to changes the Covid pandemic caused within her school district this past year, in addition to literacy coaching, Christy taught three sections of ELA for remote learners. As anyone that is or has been a literacy coach knows, the role is diverse! Christy’s love for the field of literacy stems from her passion to help both students and teachers find success and joy in their teaching and learning. She knows firsthand how full our plates get as teachers and coaches, and she hopes to be able to share tips and strategies to help with the work to achieve our goals.

Christy Patriarca

Literacy Specialist